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Twin Cities Horror Festival
Southern Theater
Oct 26 - Nov 5

August 3-11, 2012 at the Minnesota Fringe Festival
photo by Dan Norman
A young man indoctrinated by the philosophy of the day.
A philosopher dead certain in his reasoning.
And a world that refuses to be constrained by reason of any kind.
"I've got to get on this horse and I've only got one buttock to ride on!"
- The Old Woman

Using Voltaire's classic 18th century novel Candide, playwright Nick Ryan and Director Jason Ballweber bring us a comedy concerning floggings, rape, justifiable homicide, ship travel, earthquakes, tempests, Bulgar soldiers, French surgeons, Grand Inquisitors, Barons, Jews, Christians, Jesuits, mass murder, death, desire, artistic critique, fallen kings, the lost city of El Dorado, public execution, storytelling, and the general joy and suffering one finds within this, the best of all possible worlds.

According to playwright Nick Ryan, "Candide has proven a joy to adapt thus far and immensely relevant to the world we find ourselves in today... the process has largely consisted of me stepping out of Voltaire's way!"

Praise for Nick Ryan:

"So pleasing to the palate... stir(s) in fantastical elements to absurd extremes... with the antic pace of a picaresque Henry Fielding novel..."
- New York Times review of Ryan's 'Le Gourmand or Gluttony!'

"Thrilling, engrossing, amusing, and brisk, with masterfully overlapping and interwoven stories..."
- review of Ryan's 'Endurance'

August 3-11, 2012

Fri, 8/3 @ 5:30pm
Sat, 8/4 @ 5:30pm
Mon, 8/6 @ 10pm
Fri, 8/10 @ 7pm
Sat, 8/11 @ 5:30pm

Directed by Jason Ballweber
Written by Voltaire
Adapted by Nick Ryan

Christian Bardin
Anna Hickey
Ryan Lear
Brant Miller
Matt Spring