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Oct 26 - Nov 5

Star City: A Russian Space Farce
May 2-17, 2014 at Open Eye Figure Theater
photo by Ryan Lear
Welcome to Star City comrade.
We are premiere cosmonaut training ground.
Ignore control panel is being on fire.
Prepare for launch in 3...2...1...
Welcome to Star City... the top secret Cosmonaut Training Center that stands in the middle of Kazakhstan tundra. Here the bravest, smartest and brightest will prepare for the ultimate human endeavor: space exploration! We may not have the most expensive equipment or the most knowledgable Nazi Rocket Scientists or specifically stated safety protocol like those boasters at NASA, but we do possess one thing they do not: sheer Russian determination. So strap in... or are you a nation hating capitalist?

Four Humors presents a satirical look at the Soviet Space Program during the height of its race against the United States to reach the moon. "The launch of Soyuz 1 is a story of irrational hope against all odds, making it ideal material for a ridiculous farce," says Nick Ryan, writer of the piece; A five door farce set in Soviet Mission Control, filled with Cosmonauts, Soviet Scientists, spies, and dogs who have seen the Earth from the heavens... all monitored by high level government officials from the Kremlin.

A nightmare comedy of noxious gas, burning rocket fuel, and crushing g-forces inspired by the true events surrounding the launch of Soyuz 1.

May 2-17, 2014

Fri., May 2 @ 8pm
Sat., May 3 @ 8pm
Sun., May 4 @ 2pm

Fri., May 9 @ 8pm
Sat., May 10 @ 8pm
Sun., May 11 @ 2pm

Thu., May 15 @ 8pm
Fri., May 16 @ 8pm
Sat., May 17 @ 2pm
Sat., May 17 @ 8pm

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Open Eye Figure Theater
506 East 24th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Directed by Jason Ballweber
Written by Nick Ryan

Andy Kraft
Brant Miller
Matt Spring
Keely Wolter

Costumes - Jenn Newman
Set - Meagan Kedrowski
Lighting - Jon Kirchhofer
Video and Sound - Brant Miller
Stage Manager - Kristin N. Fox
Production Manager - Ryan Lear