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Twin Cities Horror Festival
Southern Theater
Oct 26 - Nov 5

Love is Blind... and Furry
Oct 29, 2009- Nov 14, 2009 at the Bedlam Theater
photo by Nick Ryan
Whips. Panties. Pies.
During a group Psycho-therapy session gone awry, six distinct and lovable perverts (each possessing a distinct and lovable sexual fetish!) are unleashed upon the unsuspecting Binet Hotel. Due to a bungled reservation by renowned sex-therapist Dr. Stevens, what was meant to be a quiet weekend devoted to improving mental health erupts into an unadulterated mish mash of mistaken identities, muted sexual desires, and the opening and closing of doors.

Steeped in the tradition of drawing room farces, but perverted through Four Humors Theater's penchant for outrageous physical comedy, biting wit, and honest exploration of the taboo, Love is Blind... and Furry explores the world of sexuality in a way that draws out the absurdity, the beauty and the universality of our most secret desires.

Oct 29, 2009- Nov 14, 2009

Thu. Oct 29th 7:30pm*
Fri. Oct 30th 7:30pm
Sat. Oct 31st 7:30pm
Sun. Nov 1st 7:30pm
Thu. Nov 5th 7:30pm
Fri. Nov 6th 7:30pm
Sat. Nov 7th 7:30pm
Sun. Nov 8th 7:30pm
Thu. Nov 12th 7:30pm
Fri. Nov 13th 7:30pm
Sat. Nov 14th 7:30pm

*Pay what you can Preview

Written and Directed By Jason Ballweber