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Twin Cities Horror Festival
Southern Theater
Oct 26 - Nov 5

The Murderer Did It!
October 31 - November 9, 2013 at the Twin Cities Horror Festival II: The Revenge

photo by Ryan Lear
Seven strangers. A remote location.
A web of lies. Unexplained deaths.
Everyone is a suspect, but in the end you'll be shocked to find...
it was the murderer all along!
Before there were slasher films, sensationalized serial killers, or television police procedurals, there was... Agatha Christie.

This fall, Four Humors creates an original tale, freely adapted from the murder mysteries of Agatha Christie. Re-imagined in a modern setting, we will explore both the terror and the ridiculousness of a group a people trapped in a confined space with an unknown killer. Using the rules set down by the Queen of Mystery herself, a new kind of parlor mystery will be born.

"I love Agatha Christie stories because they are always such a fun tangle," says Matt Spring, writer of the upcoming show. "In the real world, people who find a dead body at a party don't immediately try solving the mystery themselves. But in Agatha Christie's world, everyone has a motive and everyone has secrets, which I think is both ridiculous and very, very human."

Recommended for audiences ages 13+

October 31 - November 9, 2013

Thursday 10/31 @ 10 pm
Saturday 11/2 @ 8:30 pm
Sunday 11/3 @ 10 pm
Monday 11/4 @ 7 pm
Friday 11/8 @ 5:30 pm
Saturday 11/9 @ 7 pm

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Directed by Brant Miller
Written by Matt Spring

Jason Ballweber
Christian Bardin
Ryan Lear
Skyler Nowinski
Jen Scott
Matt Spring
Keely Wolter.