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Twin Cities Horror Festival
Southern Theater
Oct 26 - Nov 5

Skinner Box
Nov. 17 - Nov. 26, 2011 at Open Eye Figure Theater
photo by Maria Strauss Photography
Two Brothers have spent their entire lives in an experiment.
And they don't even know it.
There is an urban legend that famed psychologist B.F. Skinner raised his own daughter in a Skinner Box; an operant conditioning chamber that permits experimenters to study animal behavior through stimuli and reward. People were outraged, but it turned out that it was only a temperature controlled crib. But what if Skinner had actually been able to raise a set of twins away from public scrutiny... for over 25 years?

An original comedy from Four Humors Theater

Nov. 17 - Nov. 26, 2011

Thursday, Nov. 17th @ 7pm
Friday, Nov. 18th @ 7pm
Saturday, Nov. 19th @ 7pm
Sunday, Nov. 20th @ 7pm
Monday, Nov. 21st @ 7pm*
Friday, Nov. 25th @ 9pm
Saturday, Nov. 26th @ 2:30pm and 9pm

Tickets available at the door
General Admission - $15
Fringe Button - $13
Students, Seniors and Fifth Humors - $10
*Monday, Nov 21st Pay-What-You-Can

$20 Combo Pack (same night only) You Only Live Forever Once and Skinner Box

Conceived and Directed By Brant Miller
Jason Ballweber
Tim Hellendrung
Ryan Lear
Rachel Petrie
Matt Spring
Garrett Vollmer