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Twin Cities Horror Festival
Southern Theater
Oct 26 - Nov 5

Welcome to Dystopia
March 12-27, 2010 at the Bedlam Theater
photo by Rachel Zuelager
Welcome to Dystopia...

Eat at the Corn-a-torium, sleep at the Sleep-a-torium, play at the Fun-a-torium, and die at the End-a-torium.

But above all else...
Thank the Person in Charge.

March 12-27, 2010

Directed by Sam Johns
Written by Brant Miller and Matt Spring

Ampersand: Tom Lloyd
Pi: Nancy J. Waldoch
Umlaut: Jon Cole
Person in Charge: Billy Mullaney
Solidus: Derek Lee Miller
Tilde: Alisa Mattson
Dash: Toby Rust
Degree: Christopher Allen
Cake Plate Flavor Five & Doctor: Mark Rehani
Caret & Bear Vice Grip009: Peter Rusk
Becky & Doctor: Rose Brand
Asterisk: Isabel Nelson
Comma & Ditto: Aimee Doyle
Hyphen & Doctor: Madelyne Riley
Ellipses & Doctor: John Zach
Pilcrow & Doctor: Teresa Mock
Infinity: Claribel Gross