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Twin Cities Horror Festival
Southern Theater
Oct 26 - Nov 5

*Acclaim Award (Cincinnati) Winner for "Staging, Props, and General Creativity."*
You Only Live Forever Once
August 4-13, 2011 at the 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festival
photo by Dan Norman
Danger! Intrigue! Double Crossing!
Dashing men and sexy women!
Dazzling special effects!
The bad guy has a cougar!

The world is in peril and there is only one man who can save it!
"Endlessly inventive and clever." - City Beat of Cincinnati

"A non-stop 50 minutes of laughs." - The Conveyor

"A clever, fun and imaginative homage with tongue firmly planted in cheek." - Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

"The campiest and most outlandish thing I saw at this year's [festival]." - Cincinnati Examiner

August 4-13, 2011

Thursday August 4 at 8:30pm
Sunday, August 7 at 8:30pm
Wednesday, August 10 at 5:30pm
Thursday, August 11 at 8:30pm
Saturday, August 13 at 5:30pm

Directed by Jason Ballweber
Written by Jason Ballweber, Ryan Lear, Dan Peltzman, Rachel Petrie, Mark Rehani and Matt Spring

Ryan Lear
Rachel Petrie
Mark Rehani
Matt Spring

Puppet Design and Construction - Jason Ballweber, Kristin Campbell, Alisa Mattson, Ryan Lear, Mark Rehani and Matt Spring
Rehearsal Stage Manager - Kristin Campbell
Set Design and Construction - Kristin Campbell and Ryan Lear

Original title song You Only Live Forever Once written and performed by Brant Miller