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May 8, 2008- May 18, 2008
Presented at the Bedlam Theater

Directed By Jason Ballweber
Written by William Shakespeare

Thursday May 8th at 8pm
Friday May 9th at 10pm
Saturday May 10th at 2pm & 10pm
Sunday May 11th at 8pm
Monday May 12th at 8pm
Thursday May 15th at 8pm
Friday May 16th at 8pm
Saturday May 17th at 2pm & 8pm

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This May, Four Humors Theater brings its unique blend of comic-tragedy to Shakespeare's masterpiece. With a new cutting of the text, director Jason Ballweber crafts a production that takes the time to celebrate the joy of a newfound love, without foreshadowing the impending loss. Featuring an ensemble of twenty-five up and coming actors from theaters such as Three Sticks, Live Action Set, Jeune Lune, and Children's Theater Company, Romeo and Juliet showcases the next generation of physically trained performers in the Twin Cities.

Romeo - Jason Bohon
Juliet - Elise Langer
Lord Capulet - Jeff Broitman
Lady Capulet - Jean Salo
Lord Montague - Craig Anderson
Lady Montague - Rachel Petrie
Nurse - Kimberly Richardson
Friar Lawrence - Dan Peltzman
Friar John - Maria Effertz
Tybalt - Katie Jorgenson
Peter - Mark Rehani
Abram - Mike Rylander
Benvolio - Sara Richardson
Mercutio - Colin Waitt
Prince /Prologue - Jim McDoniel
Assistant to the Prince - Haley Honeman
Paris - Ryan Lear
Balthazar - Brant Miller
Sampson - Nick Ryan
Gregory - Matt Spring
Apothecary - Kate Dorrough

Musicians - Andy Sponsler, Scott Lund, and Andrew Lynch

Stage Manager - Sarah Radick
Set Designer - Sam Johns
Lighting Designer - Cameron Brainard
Dramaturge- Kelly Ristow
Photographer- Rachel Zueleger

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Design.:Development - Ryan Lear