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The Importance of Being Earnest:
A Trivial Play for Serious People
February 17-25, 2017 Southern Theater as part of ARTshare
A tale of love, mistaken identity, and pies!

It's Oscar Wilde's famous 19th century classic farce as only Four Humors could do it; honestly.
The pressure of Victorian high society can be a lot for someone to live up to. Except in Jack Worthing's case, where posing as his own (imaginary) brother Ernest, is his ticket to party like there is no tomorrow. He's even ready to settle down and marry, Gwendylon, the cousin of his best friend Algernon. Gwendolyn couldn't be happier, as she's always wanted to marry a man, as long as he's named Ernest. Things are even further complicated when Jack's (imaginary) brother Ernest shows up at his house. Confused? Don't think about it too hard. Theater plots are notoriously silly, after all.

photo by Galen Higgins